EOS firmly believes that learning is a continuous and evolving process. At EOS, we have defined processes and procedures for every aspect of learning and development.
Starting from:

  1. New Hire training on the fundamentals of BPO & KPO processes including
    • Communication
    • Telephone Etiquettes
    • Customer orientation Sales aptitude with a consultative approach
  2. Basic Industry/domain understanding
  3. Process training including written/verbal/role-play to create the context and to ensure same-paging on end-objective

In addition, various process related activities are conducted time to time to ensure training becomes a continuous process & learning is undertaken in an open, fun based environment. We have various programs to ensure that every employee is motivated & every small success is rewarded & celebrated. Some of the current key programs are as mentioned below:

  • Team Collaboration Activities
    • Games, Movies, Team Outings
    • Internal process & non-process related activities – participation & involvement is encouraged & appreciated
  • Rewarding Process Champions (based on various parameters)
  • Referral Bonus
  • Internal Job Postings (based on interest & skills)
  • Performance based growth path to move up the corporate value-chain.