Business growth development

Inbound and Outbound Telesales
Managing customer enquiries on products and services for multiple lines of business, cross selling and up selling on inbound as well as outbound calls. Some of the indicative functions under this area involve Order Booking, Sales campaigns (inbound and outbound), Registrations etc. These functions are performed through a team of skilled resources specializing in effective selling techniques who ensure our clients consistently meet their desired sales targets.

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Web leads follow up
Manage web enquiries on a real time basis as well as a repository, and perform outbound calls to potential customers and help our client complete the sale. These functions are performed by team members having niche selling skills who ensure higher sales conversions. Our stringent controls ensure follow ups are done that lead to a successful closure.

B2B Lead generation and follow up
Provide institutional outbound and inbound telesales services to our clients, these functions help our clients in successfully achieving their revenue targets. Team members have an expertise of over 10 years in serving the clients for their business needs. We are involved right from database generation, filtering leads as per eligibility, outbound calls and follow ups right till a successful closure of the sale.

Retention and Renewals calling
In the current tough competitive scenario, organisations have to aggressively strive to maintain their existing client base in addition to developing new clients. We Perform outbound calls for renewal of services and retention calls for customers who would like to discontinue the use of services. We have been successfully partnering with our clients on these functions to ensure high levels of retentions and renewals of their products/services.

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Advisory services

Process Re-engineering
A re-design of the core business process which aims at re-defining the current performance standards of the key operational matrices such as Quality, Productivity, Turn time and C-SAT. These projects are run by a team of Industry Experts at EOS. A key component of these services involve end to end mapping of the processes and its re-design.

Outcome based Projects
Outcome based projects are targeted initiatives that are focused on achieving the operational targets set by our clients. These targets would be across the organisational goals such as Business development, Operational efficiencies, Regulatory compliance, Technology re-design support etc. These are performed by industry experts at EOS.

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Lean and Six Sigma projects
Lean and Six Sigma projects are deployed not only for our existing operations but performed as a service for new requirements following the DMAIC approach. These projects are performed by our in house team of Six Sigma professionals.

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Technology Levers

Customer Relationship Management
With the dynamic customer requirements and expectations, it is imperative for organisations to efficiently manage customer relations. Customer support workflow tools to help effectively respond to clients are provided. These workflow tools are compatible with the existing CRM tools of an organisation.

Regulatory Compliance Solutions
Unique online portal for compliance management covering financial and legal risks from HR standpoint. We take care of Establishment Compliances, Factory Compliance, Contractor & contract Labour Audit, Payroll Compliance, Advisory Services, etc. Our In house software gives a overall view of end to end compliances with 24*7 accessibility. that saves Money, Man-hours and provides Accurate data at a click.

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Digital Solutions
Our digital solutions are in house tools developed for our clients primarily focusing on measurement and improvement of the Quality matrices for select clients. These solutions are highly customizable depending upon the client requirements.

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Analytics and Insights

Net Promoter score and CSAT improvement
Action oriented Analytics and Insights on Net Promoter score and C-SAT improvements are provided as a service. We offer bundled services where we manage the customer service as well as provide NPS and CSAT improvement tools.

Social Media Analytics
Entire gamut of social media services such as Listening platform, Analytics tools, Online customer service is provided.

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VOC Insights
Customer Insights and feedback is provided through both manual trackers as well as automated tools. Quality professionals are involved in analyzing the customer needs with clear action plans to redefine the service levels.

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Operations Management

Customer Service
Successfully managing customer service functions with our inbound and outbound calling capabilities. Calls are being managed for our clients that are present across a broad spectrum of businesses. With our 14+ years of experience in managing customer service, we are exclusive partners for multiple brands managing the end customers dedicatedly.

Quality Control
Quality control functions are performed not only as a part of regular operations for our clients but also as an independent function for select clients. These functions are performed for over 14+ years for our clients and have provided significant value to our clients that has helped them sustain and grow their business.

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Regulatory Compliance
Our team of Quality specialists focus on ensuring clients complies to various regulatory requirements through our strong governance framework. These services span across resources performing Quality audits for our clients to technology solutions to ensure compliance.

Finance and Accounting
We provide multiple Finance and Accounting functions for our clients some of the examples being invoice reviews, vendor payments and financial analysis.

Back Office Operations
Our Back office operations capability covers the entire gamut of non-voice functions. These functions range from simple data entry functions to complex decision making functions across multiple Lines of Business.

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Order and Tender Management
Order and Tender Management functions are carried out for select clients who are in the B2B space. We perform end to end operations involving solution and response to Tenders, Order fulfillment, Quality checks etc. These are niche KPO services offered by EOS.

Our team specializing in collections is involved in performing outbound calling and follow up calls for different stages of delinquencies. These functions are performed for both B2C as well as B2B clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure their collections targets are met consistently.

Document Management
Document management functions involves review, classification and indexing of documents on the client systems. This function is carried out for multiple clients and Lines of Business at EOS.

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